Rerooting doll hair is a good way to give your doll a new head of hair. I've done many rerooting doll makeover videos on my YouTube channel and it really is a lot of fun! There are so many different colors and rooting patterns you can choose from to customize your doll's hair into something new!

I show the entire process of how to reroot in one of my YouTube videos! You can find the video and the list of supplies you'll need down below.

Supplies You Will Need:

Clear Hair Elastics

Acrylic Paint

Cuticle Scissors

Mod Podge

Needle Nose


Spray Bottle with Water

Rerooting Tool + Needles


Hair to Reroot with

Fabritac Glue

Hair Dryer (optional)

Super Glue (optional)

Other optional materials are a paintbrush, towel, iron, hot water/mug.

The hair I've been rerooting with for a few years is from TheDollPlanetHair on Etsy! They also sell rerooting starter kits which are great for beginners or if you don't have any of the supplies. Seth and Diana from TheDollPlanetHair are also so sweet and very helpful if you have any questions! One of my new favorites from their shop is the "DG-HQ" nylon hair! The quality is amazing!


To see the entire process, watch my beginner-friendly tutorial on how to reroot doll hair here! (Or if you're not interested in rerooting, and just want to watch my doll get a makeover you can do that too lol.)

Warning/Disclaimer: Rerooting and Doll Customization is intended for adult/teen doll collectors due to the process, sharp materials and the potential of ruining your doll.

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